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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Agent_Loop Sleeper Agent / Tank Car Driver Loop
Back-Stop Slaughters Mauraders HEXEVO
Back-Stop Persuader Driver Ian
Back-Stop Laser Weaponry / Armor Turbo_Magnus
Back-Stop Armor blackrazor1
Back-Stop Intimidator Driver Vanishing Point
Back-Stop Armor Kamakura
Back-Stop Dead Eye Driver (Sigma 6) THE Mike
Barrel Roll Heavy Machine Gunner David Jake
Beaver Canadian Patrol Pathfinder Kwinn_Lives
Beaver Waterborne Sabotage mshadow
Beaver SAS Force Silent Attack Fozzie
Black Ice Arctic Specialist (Sigma 6) THE Mike
Black Ice Artic Specialist Scramble
Black Ice Arctic Specialist THE Mike
Canadian Mountie Border Patrol ZombieGuide
Frostback Trooper H.A.T.E. Driver (Sigma 6) THE Mike
Icebreaker Arctic Heavy Weapons Moto-Viper
Joe Canuck Arctic Trooper Lance Sputnik
Joe Canuck Canadian Ranger (Sigma 6) THE Mike
Loop Full Effect Bringer Loop
Northwind Canadian SAR Tech Kwinn_Lives
Polaris SPEAR-Viper Captain, Paladin of Cobra starviper
Shiver Cold Weather Commando LeeMarvin80
Shiver Espionage THE Mike
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