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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Ace Riker M.A.S.K. Agent Sizemore77
Airwave C.O.P.S. Communications Expert Sizemore77
Alex Sector M.A.S.K. Agent Sizemore77
Ali Bombay M.A.S.K. Agent Sizemore77
Beast Man MOTU Villain Sizemore77
Bengali Thundercats member Sizemore77
Bionic 1 (Jack Bennet) Leader of the Bionic 6 (Dad) Sizemore77
Blue Falcon and Dynomutt Crime Fighters Sizemore77
Bobby and Uni D&D "The Barbarian" Sizemore77
Boris Bushkin M.A.S.K. Agent Sizemore77
Brad Turner M.A.S.K. Agent Sizemore77
Bravestarr Marshall of New Texas Sizemore77
Bruce Sato M.A.S.K. Agent Sizemore77
Bruno Sheppard V.E.N.O.M. Agent Sizemore77
Buddie Hawks M.A.S.K. Agent Sizemore77
Bullit Member of Crooks/Big Boss' Weapons Supplier Sizemore77
Calhoun Burns M.A.S.K. Agent Sizemore77
Checkpoint C.O.P.S. Military Police Sizemore77
Cheetara Thundercats member Sizemore77
Chip Private Investigator/former National Park DanOfTheDead
Chopper Bionic 6 Villain Sizemore77
Cliff Dagger V.E.N.O.M. Agent Sizemore77
Colonel Trautman Force of Freedom Commanding Officer Sizemore77
Crowbar Corbin Starcom/Commander of the Astro Marines Sizemore77
Dale Private Investigator / Former Army Ranger DanOfTheDead
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