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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
A.P.E.S. C.O.P.S. high tech mech suit operator Sizemore77
Barricade COPS crowd control Sizemore77
Berserko Big Boss' nephew and Crooks member Sizemore77
Big Boss Crime Boss of Empire City Sizemore77
Bowser and Blitz C.O.P.S. K-9 handler Sizemore77
Bulletproof Leader of C.O.P.S. snowman_ejc
Bulletproof DEF Leader OreoBuilder
Bulletproof Vess C.O.P.S. Leader Sizemore77
Bullseye C.O.P.S. Pilot of Air Raid Sizemore77
Buttons McBoomBoom Big Boss' Enforcer Sizemore77
Dr. Badvibes Big Boss' Evil Genius Sizemore77
Hardtop C.O.P.S. vehicle (Ironsides) driver Sizemore77
Highway C.O.P.S. Highway Patrol Sizemore77
Inferno C.O.P.S. Firefighter Sizemore77
Iron Will Fugitive Task Force Iron Will
Longarm C.O.P.S. second in command Sizemore77
Mace C.O.P.S. Swat Leader Sizemore77
Mainframe C.O.P.S. communication/technology expert Sizemore77
Miss Demeanor Big Boss' Female Enforcer Sizemore77
Nightshade Big Boss' Master Thief Sizemore77
NIghtstick C.O.P.S. Martial Arts Expert Sizemore77
Rock Krusher Big Boss' Muscle of the Crooks Sizemore77
Sgt. Bowser Empire City K-9 officer Vanishing Point
Standoff Empire City SWAT / Marksman Vanishing Point
Stryker Mortal Kombat fighter kramer 70
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