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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
A.S.P.S. Armored Security Police Servicemen tristanx
Breach Navy S.E.A.L. Close-Quarters Combat sgartz
Buckshot Close Quarters Battle Specialist Doc Rob
Bullet-Proof Urban Assault Team Commander iwbeta
Bullet-Proof Urban Commander beav
COVER-Viper Close Protection and Security starviper
CQB Viper Cobra W.A.S.P. Team: Close Quarters Battle The pros from Dover
Dumpster CQB Instructor Die Hunn
Hammer Assault Element Leader raptor
Harmony Hostage Negotiations/ Communications Blakwulf
Lockdown Seige Warfare Expert beav
MGS3 "Naked" Snake Espionage MUNDO
Mongrels Cobra Dog Handlers/Security Officers tristanx
Projectile GIGN (French Anti-Terrorist Trooper) raptor
Prowler US Navy SEAL C.Q.B. (Close Quarters Battle) The pros from Dover
Rapid Fire Fast Attack Trooper iwbeta
Rapid Fire Fast Attack Expert Grand Slam
Rapid Fire Fast Attack Expert pluv
Rheinhammer CQB Specialist Electric_Knight
Shockwave SWAT Specialist iwbeta
Shockwave Close Quarter Battle iwbeta
Storm Watch Urban Combat raptor
Street Viper Urban Combat Pistolier Phobus
Street Viper Immortal Street Viper Commander Phobus
Sweeper Assault Element raptor
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