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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Buzzkill Social Activist - Greendale Mutineer Vanishing Point
Chuckles Criminal Investigations Division Rabbit905
Conan the Barbarian Fantasy Barbarian Lord Bodega
Corey Taylor Slipknot Vocalist Mexakin
Dee Jay Street Fighter Mexakin
Dela Eden Covert Operations/Intelligence bpackwood
Flint Black Ops Rabbit905
Lincoln Cole Private Military Contractor Rabbit905
Madoo Disguise / Archery PCITTON
Mortal Shadow Covert Operatioons/Demolitions bpackwood
Red Shadows Trooper Joecon Custom Class turner
Red Sonja Fantasy Barbarian Lord Bodega
Rogue Overlord Dreadnok's Second in Command customgijoes
Sgt. Slaughter Evil Infantry Drill Instructor draconianguard
Sgt. Slaughter Whipping Joes into Shape! Figureware
Shipwreck Naval Special Warfare Operator specoptoys
Snake Eyes Black Ops Rabbit905
Soap Mactavish Task Force 141 Rabbit905
Trident USSOCOM Navy SEAL Frogman Rabbit905
Tunnel Rat Infiltrator Rabbit905
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