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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Batman 1966 Adam West version drbindy
Batman 89 Dark Knight bucky
Colonel Sharif Commanding Officer past nastification
Detective Jim Gordon Springfield PD 2DARK2C
Dr. Benton Quest Scientist past nastification
Red Hood EXCAL Vigilante drbindy
Secret Service Detail Protective Detail for Dr. Burkhart past nastification
Sgt. Rock World War II soldier past nastification
Supergirl Teenage Super Hijinx drbindy
Superman (Classic Appearance) DC Superhero Kwinn_Lives
Superman (Golden Anniversary) DC Superhero Kwinn_Lives
Uncle Sam Freedom Fighter Iron Will
Vanessa Warfield Cobra Officer past nastification
Wayne, Bruce Vigiliante Iron Will
Wonder Woman Amazon Hero v1 drbindy
Wonder Woman Amazonian Justice drbindy
Zatanna Magician drbindy
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