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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Barricade Battle Corps Bunker Buster OreoBuilder
Breach SWAT snowman_ejc
Bullet-Proof SWAT/Drug Enforcement Pyre
Bullet-Proof DEF Leader Kwinn_Lives
Bulletproof DEF Commander OreoBuilder
Bulletproof DEF Leader OreoBuilder
Bullhorn DEF RAID UNIT Vanishing Point
Checkpoint DEF Urban Operations alleyviperelite
Cutter Coast Guard Specialist Robrauder
Cutter DEF Vehicle Driver OreoBuilder
Cutter DEF Sea Ops Specialist OreoBuilder
Cutter Coast Guard Vanishing Point
Gristle Crime Lord Robrauder
Headhunters Headman's Narcotics Guards OreoBuilder
Headman Criminal Mastermind of The Headhunters Vanishing Point
Ironhide S.W.A.T. Mainframe
Longarm DEF RAID UNIT Vanishing Point
Longarm DEF EOD Vanishing Point
Lowlight DEF RAID UNIT Vanishing Point
Mace DEF Agent OreoBuilder
Mace Undercover Operative HypnoHustler
Mutt DEF K-9 Specialist OreoBuilder
Mutt & Junkyard Drug Elimination Force Sergeant Dr Joe
Mutt & Junkyard DEF K-9 Agent OreoBuilder
Rapid Fire DEF Urban Assault OreoBuilder
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