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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Blackthorne aka Aeron Dendrich drbindy
Bobby and Uni D&D "The Barbarian" Sizemore77
Conan Adventurer, Pirate, Barbarian drbindy
Diana D&D "The Acrobat" Sizemore77
Dungeon Master D&D Advisor Sizemore77
Eric D&D "The Cavalier" Sizemore77
Geoffrey Bowsprit D&D Giff Sailor pluv
Hank D&D "The Ranger" Sizemore77
Hermie Green Dragonborn Fighter/Hunter pluv
Iron Clad D&D Barbarian pluv
Mor Stidon and Farq D&D Saints Guild leadership pluv
Ned Stark Winter is Coming drbindy
Presto D&D "The Magician" Sizemore77
Rarity D&D Paladin pluv
Red Sonja Adventurer, aka She-Devil with a Sword drbindy
Sheila D&D "The Thief" Sizemore77
Slop Jar Meth Cook past nastification
Tavern Wench As portrayed by Megan Fox drbindy
The Red Mage Wizard drbindy
Tomas Primal D&D Warforged Druid pluv
Venger Evil Wizard of Dungeons and Dragons Sizemore77
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