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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Bad Road Green Beret Die Hunn
Bulldog Green Beret Wowboy
Col. Courage Tactical Commander Doc Rob
Col. Trautman Colonel US Army Special Forces LIVEVIL
Cpt. Falcon G.I.Joe XO Cobra Commander
Duke Resolute Field Commander jldubbya515
Falcon Green Beret Die Hunn
Falcon Green Beret Midgarn
Falcon Green Beret Falcone
Falcon Green Beret jlw515
Falcon Infantry Sharkbait
Falcon Green Beret David Jake
Falcon Green Beret Kamakura
Falcon 1st Lieutenant C Richter
Falcon Communications Specialist Doc Rob
Falcon Green Beret OreoBuilder
Falcon Green Beret David Jake
G.I. Joe Executive Officer jldubbya515
Golden Domer Special Forces Green Beret David Jake
Green Beret 50th Anniversary Green Beret OreoBuilder
Hotspot Special Operations Die Hunn
Lonzo Wilkinson Long-Range Recon Patrol Kwinn_Lives
Lt Falcon Green Beret OreoBuilder
Moose Special Forces Green Beret Baker co. David Jake
Muleskinner Green Beret David Jake
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