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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Airborne Helicopter Assualt Trooper jldubbya515
Batman Halo/Predator Hunter gijoey
Cobra Para-Viper HALO Jumper remster_9
Crazylegs Assault Trooper elgoodo
Diamondback Navy S.E.A.L. HALO Jumper/Sniper The pros from Dover
Dragon Navy SEAL HALO Jumper/Sniper The pros from Dover
Firefly Espionage, Sabotage, Intelligence gathering tigertank
H.A.L.O. Viper High Altitude Paratrooper The pros from Dover
Halo HALO Jumper Vanishing Point
James Bond from Special Boat Service HALO Jumper blaster_e11
Master Chief Spartan Figher Class wildstar09
Para-Viper Cobra Paratrooper jldubbya515
Para-Viper Cobra Paratrooper jldubbya515
Piranha Navy SEAL HALO Jumper/Diver The pros from Dover
Raptor Navy SEAL Night Ops HALO Jumper The pros from Dover
Rip Cord HALO Jumper HissHissFangFang
Rip Cord Tiger Force HALO Jumper Kwinn_Lives
Rip Cord HALO Jumper Razormurphy
Ripcord HALO Jumper sgartz
Ripcord Halo Jumper Kamakura
Ripcord HALO Jumper breaker819
Ripcord HALO Jumper Vanishing Point
Ripcord Tiger Force HALO jumper the odinson
Ripcord HALO Jumper Mysterious Stranger
Ripcord H.A.L.O Jumper jldubbya515
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