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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
"Avalanche" Former Cobra Arctic Armor Officer Garrey
Ace Battle Copter Pilot Robrauder
Airborne Helicopter Assult Trooper Kamakura
Airborne Helicopter Assault Trooper LIVEVIL
Airborne Helicopter Assualt Trooper jldubbya515
Airborne Helicopter Assualt Trooper pluv
Airborne Helicopter Assault Specialist Pugsley
Airborne Helicopter Assault Trooper LIVEVIL
Airlift Rotary-Wing Pilot Kwinn_Lives
Alaska Helicopter pilot David Jake
Back Seat Helicopter Crew Chief Otto the Otter
Blades Helicopter Pilot Mainframe
Cabbie S.C.A.L.E. Pilot joemichaels70
Cavalier Rescue Helicopter Pilot harlie
Cobra Hoplite Heliborne Trooper starviper
Coyote Z-Force Attack Helicopter Pilot Matthew
Crazylegs Assault Trooper gi_jeff
CSAR-Viper Combat Search & Rescue / Recovery starviper
Dagger Broadsword Pilot Phobus
Daina Original Oktober Guard Member Sidewinder
Daina Sniper / Helicopter Pilot HypnoHustler
Daina Sniper/Helicopter Pilot Jay
Daina Oktober Guard Sniper ZombieGuide
Daina Helicopter Pilot / Sniper HypnoHustler
Daina Sniper, Helicopter Pilot, Intellegence jrock0525
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