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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Action Soldier Airborne Paratrooper Elite Infantry Major Creator
Airborne Airborne Trooper Robrauder
Alley Vipers Urban Combat - Shock Troopers buzzerbr
Alpine Mountain Specialist actionjoe77
Ambush Concealment specialist / marksman StevieSNLD
Armatus Viper Sergeant, Paladin of Cobra starviper
B.A.T. H.I.S.S. Tank Support Android Trooper Dusty79
B.I.T.-viper Cobra Hacker StevieSNLD
Barrage Heavy Weapons and Ordnance papabear
Barricade Bunker Buster Robrauder
Bazooka Tiger Force Missile Specialist Robrauder
Bazooka Missile Specialist Robrauder
Beachhead Army Ranger, Airborne actionjoe77
Big Dumb Animal (BDA) EXCAL Foot Soldier drbindy
Big Lob Grenade Thrower/Infantry Rabbit905
Black Mamba Viper Ranger starviper
Black Ops Viper Special Mission Forces StevieSNLD
BOLT-Vipers Cobra Link-Up Operations starviper
Booth Urban Infantry Liquidation-d
Bravo Infantry Trooper Mainframe
Brazilian Army Paratrooper Infantry TrooperBrCustoms
Breach Plague Infantry / Urban Warfare Expert carnage717
Breaker Communications Officer jldubbya515
Brian Airborne Infantry Roadblock528
Brigadier Tiberius Commander, 1st Viper Brigade starviper
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