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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Air Raid Flight Test / High Altitude Jet Pack Pilot past nastification
Air Trooper Cobra Jet Pack Trooper OreoBuilder
Blackjak EXCAL Pirate, Recruit, Pilot drbindy
Captain Marvel, aka Bill Batson EXCAL Paladin Knight drbindy
Cobra Air Troopers Cobra Jet Pack Trooper Tunnel Rat
Cross Country Space Mission alleyviperelite
Dropzone Sky Patrol Weapon Specialist Vanishing Point
Flying Scorpion Air Assault past nastification
Galahad Jetwing pilot Ian
Grand Slam JUMP Pack Pilot Devilfish
Grand Slam Jetpack Trooper (Update) Robrauder
Grand Slam Artillery Expert jldubbya515
Grand Slam Jet Pack Trooper OreoBuilder
Grand Slam Laser Artillery / Jet Pack Soldier Robrauder
Grand Slam Laser Artillery Soldier Tunnel Rat
Iron Grenadier Air Guard Destro's personal guard Dayspring
Jet Trooper Captain Cobra Air Guard Dayspring
Mach-1 Thunderbolts Mr Nobody
Miles Mayhem Cobra Air Force Commander past nastification
P.E.S.T. Vipers Police, Escort, and Security Troopers pluv
Rocketeer WW2 Superhero Mr Nobody
Ruslan Oktober Guard Recon Vanishing Point
Silver Bullet JetPack Trooper bcost74
Skydiver The Flying Commander, detached from India past nastification
Skywarp Special Weapons LeeMarvin80
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