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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Am-i Bartender, Joe's Cantina drbindy
Big Papa Rollins Owner of Big Papa's Space Yard drbindy
C.L.D.E., aka Clyde C.H.M.P. Droid drbindy
Chief Spacer drbindy
Dr. John "J.D." Dorian Medic drbindy
Duncan Diego Bonde, aka "Doc Diego" Space Pirate drbindy
G.I. Joey, aka Joe Soprano Realtor of the Stars drbindy
Gogo Jungleboot Just an ordinary spaceship captain chimp drbindy
Hypno Hustler Professional Gambler, Gunslinger drbindy
Jax Ajax Youngest child of Percy Ajax drbindy
Lance Sputnik Most Feared Cyborg Bounty Hunter drbindy
Marshal Raymond P. Spinner Artifex Lawman/Joe's Cantina Patron drbindy
Maya Logan Mechanic at Big Papa's drbindy
Officer Jonn Space Station Security/"Zombie Guide" drbindy
Percy Ajax Series 04 - Ultimate/HACKS drbindy
Percy Ajax Series 03 - Armored Pirate Hunter drbindy
Percy Ajax Series 03 - Captain of the Talon drbindy
Pluv, aka J.G. Pluvinski Owner of Joe's Cantina drbindy
Random Space Pirate 1 Member of the Zona Rojo Pirates drbindy
Space Bucky Space Buck'n joemichaels70
Spacer number 1 Pilot, Cantina Customer drbindy
The Imp Pimp Impin' Ain't Easy drbindy
The Space Cowboy Guitar pickin', card playin', gun shootin' drbindy
The Vagrant Causing Trouble drbindy
Vox Caeda Aqualarian Assassin drbindy
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