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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
B.A.D.Dog Battle AndroiD Dog sgcaper
Flea, Lockjaw & Boomer S.W.A.T. K-9 Team The pros from Dover
Law mckeehan74 mckeehan
Law & Order MP MUNDO
Mutt K-9 buzzerbr
Mutt K-9 MUNDO
Mutt Dog Handler/Dog sgartz
Mutt K9 Handler Kamakura
Mutt Dog Handler (K-9) Grand Slam
Mutt K-9 MUNDO
Mutt K-9 SNAKE
Mutt Urban Assault Team K-9 Handler iwbeta
Mutt DEF K-9 Specialist OreoBuilder
Mutt Dog Handler (K-9) mshadow
Mutt & Junkyard Dog handler & K9 Drmezmo
Mutt & Junkyard K-9 Officer Robrauder
Mutt & Junkyard DEF K-9 Agent OreoBuilder
Mutt & Junkyard Dog Handler (K-9) jldubbya515
Mutt and Junkyard Military Police K-9 Handler Vanishing Point
Muttnik Space dog/companion pluv
Nightbeat and Siren SWAT K-9 Pyre
Rabid Viper & Loki Cobra W.A.S.P. Team K-9 Handler The pros from Dover
Zombie Dog Chewing Stuff Up sgcaper
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