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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Allen O'Neil Elite Mercenary Soldier UncleHappy
Armadillo Armored Driver UncleHappy
Bushido Snow Ninja UncleHappy
Crankcase A.W.E. Striker Driver UncleHappy
Daemon Hacking & Systems Analysis UncleHappy
Deadpool Stealth Operative UncleHappy
Fast Draw Mobile Missle Specialist UncleHappy
Fumbles Long-Range Sniper UncleHappy
Gaucho Mechanic & Combat Engineer UncleHappy
Gnarwhal Arctic Survival UncleHappy
Hunter Missile Assault UncleHappy
Ice Viper Cobra Arctic Technician UncleHappy
Lt. Stone Special Operations Instructor UncleHappy
Mace Undercover Operative UncleHappy
Mercer (update) Counter Terrorist Expert UncleHappy
Mr. Fantastic Chief Science Officer UncleHappy
Rampart Shoreline Defender UncleHappy
Red Jackal Covert Ops UncleHappy
Red Wolf Specialized Aircraft Pilot UncleHappy
S.W.A.T. Viper Cobra Urban Infantry UncleHappy
Sir Dan Supernatural Covert Mission Specialist UncleHappy
Timbit Wilderness Expert UncleHappy
Tripwire Explosive Ordinance Disposal UncleHappy
Wildman Mobile Armor Commander UncleHappy
Windchill Arctic Survival Instructor & Driver UncleHappy
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