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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Ancestral Spirit Body Guard Phobus
Artaxias Hand to hand combat Kilcarr
Ashiko Armored Martial Arts past nastification
Billy Kelly aka Jaguar American Ninja team Oneforceleader
Bruce Lee Martial Artist john_mounier
Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon TeknoKyo
Chang Crime Lord Phobus
Colleen Wing Hero for Hire joemichaels70
Disastro Lethal master of hand-to-hand combat MEECS
Dr. Link Vetrenarian danielb
Dr. McNinja Doctor / Ninja Tim 121RVC
Gong Tau Tong Chang Tong Soldier Phobus
Hiryu Commando Jay
Hiryu Silent Weapons Jay
Jackie Chan Alternative Weapons Specialist raptor
Kayo Martial Arts Expert past nastification
Kenshi The Blind Wanderer Spiritualist Kilcarr
Kung Fu Calrissian Sensei Lance Sputnik
Law Private Investigator Garrey
Misty Knight Hero for Hire joemichaels70
Norris Karate Commando dbmills1
Qin-Guang-Wang Enforcer/Assassin Phobus
Quick Kick Infantry CrimsonGuard
Quick Kick B action movie star stuntman Figureware
Quick Kick Silent Weapons bucky
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