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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Aegis-Viper Assault Engineer Reconnaissance starviper
Apex CUTLASS Aerial Scout starviper
Ballistic Marauders Demolitions/Grenadier Jogunwarrior
Ballistic Sharpshooter (GI Joe Extreme) past nastification
Beaver Waterborne Sabotage past nastification
Ben "Obi-Wan" Kenobi Desert Hermit Pyre
Black Major Field Commander past nastification
Black Spartan ATR Wastelands Survivor sgcaper
Blackjack Bodyguard (assigned to the Baroness) past nastification
Breach SWAT Pyre
Budo Marauders Silent Weapons Exert Jogunwarrior
Chicago Al "A Nostalgic Type" past nastification
Chickenwire Mother Psychological Operations past nastification
Cobra Armoured NCO Tank Crew Leader starviper
Cobra Armoured Trooper Tank Crewman starviper
Cobra Machine Gunner Infantry Fire Support starviper
Cobra Sailor Navy Crewman starviper
Cobra SCYTHE Screen and Skirmish Yeomanry starviper
Cobra Sentry Trooper Security Guard starviper
Cobra Trooper Infantry OreoBuilder
Cobra Trooper Winter Environment Gear starviper
Cobra Trooper Cold Weather Gear starviper
Cover Girl Vehicle Operator (Classified & Marvel fusion) past nastification
Crusher Dreadnok Pyre
Double Tap SWAT Pyre
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