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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Akuma Supreme Master of the Fist Dark Horse
Ancestral Spirit Body Guard Phobus
Apparition Silent Weapons CDR
Aqua Madoor Blue Dragon Clan Ninja Oneforceleader
Artaxias Hand to hand combat Kilcarr
Ashiko Armored Martial Arts past nastification
Banzai Monk from Green Dragon Clan of Earth Oneforceleader
Banzai First-Strike Commando/Nunchaku instructor Kilcarr
Barakka Outworld Mortal Kombat Warrior Hive_Viper
Beast Ninja Commander Team Leader past nastification
Billy Commando/Ninja past nastification
Billy Kelly aka Jaguar American Ninja team Oneforceleader
Black Belt Jones Black Belt for Butt-whuppin' Loop
Black Dragon Ninja Cobra Ninja Warrior StevieSNLD
Bloodsport Army Special forces David Jake
Bruce Trainer danielb
Bruce Lee Martial Artist john_mounier
Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon TeknoKyo
Bruce Lee Master of Jeet Kune Do HypnoHustler
Budo Night Force Samurai Warrior StevieSNLD
Budo Samari Sharkbait
Budo Modern Samurai Warrior LeeMarvin80
Cammy Super Street Fighter 2 Patrick A. Riley
Cammy White Shadoloo RASP
Carissa Park Vampire Slayer Doc Rob
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