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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Brazilian Army Paratrooper Infantry TrooperBrCustoms
Broadside Mission Brazil Tech bucky
Claymore Covert Operations the_faceless_master
Claymore Combat Infantry Badvibes258
Claymore Covert Operations Robrauder
Claymore Special Mission Brazil turner
Claymore Covert Operations Jogunwarrior
Claymore Spec Ops Vanishing Point
Claymore Covert Operations Kwinn_Lives
Claymore Covert Operations Ian
Cobra Commander El Comandante of Brazilian Cobra Forces Robrauder
Cobra de Aco Cobra Commando Ian
Cobra Invasor Infantry Ian
Crystal Ball Cobra Hypnotist bucky
Dial-Tone Communications Ian
Firewall Computer Specialist Vanishing Point
Gatilho Python Patrol Sniper Ian
Groundpounder Mission Brazil Infantry bucky
Interrogator Interrogation OreoBuilder
Leatherneck Mission Brazil Covert Marine Ian
Leatherneck Marine in Brazil Robrauder
Mainframe Computer Specialist Brazil Robrauder
Mainframe Mission Brazil Covert Computer specialist Ian
Mongoose Mission Brazil Pilot bucky
Ninja-Ku Ninja Mercenary OreoBuilder
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