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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Abbey Chase Danger Girl drbindy
Ace Conquest Liberty Pilot Dusty79
Agent Grayson Espionage, Gotham-Style drbindy
Agent Helix Covert Operations - Geared for War! TR1ER
Agent Helix Classified Stronox
Agent Panther Intelligence Kilcarr
Agent Phil Coulson SHIELD Agent, v.2 drbindy
Air Adventurer Adventure Team Helicopter Pilot toy-nutz
Air Devil Glider Assault HypnoHustler
Airborne Helicopter Assault Trooper TR1ER
Airtight Hostile Environment Trooper Spin Doctor
Airtight Night Force Dusty79
Aisha Assassin joemichaels70
Alex Mann Recon Kilcarr
Alfred Pennyworth Bruce Wayne's Butler v.2.0 drbindy
Alfred Pennyworth Butler and more v1.1 drbindy
Alley Cat Primary MOS: Covert Ops. skyknight
Alley Viper Urban Assault Operations Lance Sputnik
Alley Viper Elite: Demo Specialist Demolitions/ Shoulder mounted artillery sgcaper
Alley Viper Elite: Machine Gunner Destruction sgcaper
Alley Viper Elite: Sniper Assassination / Sniper Operations sgcaper
Alpine Mountain Assualt bucky
Ambush Pursuit of Cobra PoC bucky
Amy Pond 11th Doctor's Companion (second version) drbindy
Anderson, Thomas A. aka Neo Hacker Iron Will
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