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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
4ND-R01D Protocol Android Mainframe
7th Executioner Creverex Shanatu Executioner Lord_Chain
8-Ball Dreadnok Bouncer alleyviperelite
A1011 Bounty Hunter/Sniper Stone
Abyss Horde Assassin Oneforceleader
Abyss-Viper Underwater Demolitions Mainframe
Aeron Cole Ajax Security drbindy
Afterburner Night Raven Ace corpscommandercody
Agent "Kory" Sleeper Agent Loop
Agent Colstan DOD agent livingwolverine
Agent Eli Watson Mechanic and Transportation drbindy
Agent Icecreamman International Covert Operative icecreamman
Agent Johnson DOD agent livingwolverine
Agent Karen Jane Intel Agent Loop
Agent Lizzy Martial Arts toy-nutz
Agent Orange Defoliant trooper CDR
Agent Panther Intelligence Kilcarr
Agent Sarina Levine Communications and Technology drbindy
Agent X The Black Assassin, killing danielb
Agent Zero Intelligence/Counter Intelligence Phobus
Air Raid Pilot, Bombardier hypnoteyes
Air Raid Sky Condor Pilot beav
Air Raid Heli-Viper Commander Jogunwarrior
Airborne Helicopter Assault Trooper Doc Rob
Akasha Bounty Hunter ronin
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