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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Commander Action Force Commanding Officer past nastification
Commander Action Force Commander OreoBuilder
Desert Rat Action Force Desert Trooper OreoBuilder
Digger Outback operations Goofateer
Fixer Science Officer (Special Weapons Force) past nastification
Hunter Action Force Missile Assault OreoBuilder
Jammer Action Force Communications OreoBuilder
Muton Death Robot past nastification
Red Shadows Troopers Infantry past nastification
Skip Z-Force Captain OreoBuilder
Skyraider Commanding Officer, Space Force past nastification
Sparrow Hawk Action Force Para Attack OreoBuilder
Stake Out SAS Commando OreoBuilder
Stalker Action Force Panther Driver OreoBuilder
The Master of Time Enigmatic Being from the Future! 8bitboy
US Paratrooper Acton Force US Army Paratrooper OreoBuilder
Zargonite Space Ranger Pirate 8bitboy
Zargonite Prototype Space Ranger Pirate 8bitboy
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