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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Agent George Dillon Rescue Team Mission Director SOCOM 6
Amazon Survivor StevieSNLD
Billy Scouting/ Tracker Keenan
Billy Sole Predator movie character kramer 70
Billy Sole Tracker LIVEVIL
Blain Heavy Weapons Keenan
Blain Predator movie character kramer 70
Dillon CIA Operative/ Intelligence Keenan
Dutch Rescue Team Leader/ Hand-to-Hand Combat Keenan
Dutch Predators Squad Commander UncleHappy
Dutch Predator Team Leader kramer 70
Dutch Rescue Team Leader LIVEVIL
Dutch Major / ex-military / mercenary Spartan118
Hawkins Communications Keenan
Mac Heavy Weapons Support/ Clean-up Keenan
Major Alan Dutch Schaefer Rescue Team Leader SOCOM 6
Major Dutch Schaefer Android Warrior Jin saotome
Poncho Explosives Keenan
Predator Jungle hunter Spartan118
Predator Alien trophy hunter kramer 70
Predator Alien Hunter Rosey Joe
Private Billy Sole Rescue Team Tracker SOCOM 6
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