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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Anubis "God" of the Dead drbindy
Dale Arden Flash Gordon's companion drbindy
Danielle (Dani) R. LeCoq Heir to one Hero, Sidekick to another drbindy
Djinn Sabbaz Genie, not in a bottle, baby drbindy
Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein Mad Scientist drbindy
Elias Knight Victorian Adventurer v.2 drbindy
Elias Knight Secret Service, Mystical Arts Defense drbindy
Flash Gordon Pulp - WWII EXCAL Prequel Hero drbindy
Frankenstein's Monster Terror, Fright and Fire Avoidance drbindy
Henry Jones (Sr.) Young version of Indy's dad. drbindy
Johnny West (with Lightning) Cowboy drbindy
Mark Twain Author, Adventurer drbindy
Mumm-ra the Ever-Living Mystic Evil drbindy
Popeye Sailor Man drbindy
Red Sonja Adventurer, aka She-Devil with a Sword drbindy
Sam Cobra (with Satan) Gambler, Thief drbindy
Sgt. Steele Steele Vs. drbindy
Sherlock Holmes Detective drbindy
Sinbad Ancient Adventurer drbindy
Tarzan Lord of the Apes drbindy
The Lone Ranger Vigilante drbindy
The Phantom Adventurer, Protector of the Jungle drbindy
The Red Mage Wizard drbindy
Tonto Ranger's Sidekick drbindy
Van Helsing 19th Century Vampire Hunter drbindy
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