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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Baron Ironblood Red Shadows Supreme Leader past nastification
Baron Ironblood Red Shadows commander Dark Horse
Baron Ironblood Red Shadows Leader steve2477
Black Major Combat Control ironblood
Black Major Terror Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
Black Major Combat Leader steve2477
Black Major Red Shadow Field General Vanishing Point
Black Major Field Leader steve2477
Dela Eden Skeletron alleyviperelite
Evil Astronaut Astronaut Ross SC
Kraken Aquatic Clone Troops Void
Kraken Red Shadows Underwater warrior Vanishing Point
Kraken Reptilian underwater commando Dark Horse
MUTON Red Shadows Cyborg Destroyer Vanishing Point
Red Jackal Hyena Tank Battalion Commander Vanishing Point
Red Laser Red Shadows laser specialist Dark Horse
Red Laser Laser Specialist steve2477
Red Shadow Elite Elite Trooper Kwinn_Lives
Skeletron Red Shadows robot Dark Horse
Weaponsmith Red Shadows Weapons Designer Vanishing Point
Wilder Vaughn Leader, aka Samael Kwinn_Lives
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