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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Ahmed Tribal Chief in Afghanistan past nastification
Airtight Hostile Environments snowman_ejc
Alpine PoC Mountain Warfare Specialist lucasclones
Anthony "Iron Man" Stark Defense Contractor past nastification
Baroness ARAH ROC Style/ Intelligence Officer husker85
Black Racer Cobra Vehicle Specialist LeeMarvin80
Breaker Comunications Officer Muskrat
Bruce Sato Research and Development past nastification
Bruno Sheppard Driver (and future VENOM operative) past nastification
Buddy Hawks Research & Development past nastification
Bully Translator past nastification
Captain Eagle Leader of Eagle Force past nastification
Chuck Norris Martial Arts Instructor snowman_ejc
Cleric Ninja / Martial Arts Master - Katana erwiny
Cobra Commander Leader of Cobra snowman_ejc
Cobra Commander Battle Flag Bearer joemichaels70
Cobra Commander in Combat Suit Technology Encased Tyrant Jin saotome
Cobra Commander/Rex Lewis after Retaliation/unmasked GI JOE 2000
Cobra Sentry Trooper Security Guard starviper
Codebreaker Technical Surveillance Mainframe
Corporal Olga Prison Security past nastification
Destra Mercenary for Hire monkeyboy
Dial-Tone Communications Expert snowman_ejc
Doc Medic past nastification
Doctor Mindbender Rise of Cobra Lance Sputnik
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