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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Attack Trooper SAS Force Elite Soldiers Fozzie
Barracuda SAS Force Frogman Fozzie
Barracuda SAS Diver OreoBuilder
Barracuda SAS Force Frogman Kambei
Beaver SAS Force Silent Attack Fozzie
Beaver SAS Waterborne Sabotage OreoBuilder
Beaver Waterborne Sabotage mshadow
Big Ben SAS Trooper Jogunwarrior
Big Ben SAS Fighter ZombieGuide
Big Ben SAS Fighter Pyre
Big Ben SAS Trooper Robrauder
Big Ben S.A.S. Trooper mshadow
Big Ben Action Force SAS Trooper notpicard
Big Ben SAS Trooper john_mounier
Big Ben SAS Trooper Spin Doctor
Big Ben SAS Trooper (Duty Fatigues) Doc Rob
Big Ben SAS exchange trooper DavAnthony
Big Ben British Special Air Service Trooper Turbo_Magnus
Big Ben SAS Trooper Grand Slam
Big Ben Snow Trooper squarebackshawn
Big Ben SAS Fighter David Jake
Big Ben SAS Trooper TR1ER
Big Ben SAS iwbeta
Big Ben SAS Operative iwbeta
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