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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Boffin Scientist, Special Weapons Team past nastification
Bonecrusher Tomb Raider - Gene Splicer Vanishing Point
Captain Samantha Carter SG1 Lance Sputnik
COBRA Science Clones Hardwire, Hotwire, and Haywire DanOfTheDead
COBRA Science Shambler Infected COBRA Scientist DanOfTheDead
Doc Ock Mad Science sgcaper
Doc Savage Scientist, Adventurer drbindy
Doc Savage The Man of Bronze...EXCAL Science Director drbindy
Doctor Mindbender Renegade Lance Sputnik
Doctor Venom Evil Scientist DanOfTheDead
Dr Emil Zorak Cobra Scientist joemichaels70
Dr Jane Colton SI Joe Scientist OreoBuilder
Dr Manhatten Nuclear Scientist joemichaels70
Dr Venom Evil Scientist Poody2
Dr Venom Scientist/Mind Control Expert snowman_ejc
Dr. Atilla Scientist snowman_ejc
Dr. Benton Quest EXCAL Scientist, Researcher and Adventurer drbindy
Dr. Benton Quest Scientist past nastification
Dr. Biggles-Jones Weapons Designer past nastification
Dr. Bindy Mad Scientist drbindy
Dr. Cassandra Knox Scientist / Inventor / Designer / Doctor Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
Dr. Cassandra Knox Robotics Engineer snowman_ejc
Dr. Kenzuki Hiashi Artificial Intelegence Oneforceleader
Dr. Lucifer Scientist/Research and Development snowman_ejc
Dr. Mindbender Head Scientist DavAnthony
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