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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Action Man Action Force Special Agent Fozzie
Big Boa 25th Anniversary Pugsley
Black Mage Black Magic Adherent a.dream.deferred
Chopper Dreadnok past nastification
Dr. Benton Quest Scientist past nastification
Dr. Horrible Medical Prodigy alleyviperelite
Elite Horseman Heavy Vehicle Operator past nastification
Gristle Headhunter Street General Vanishing Point
Ibraham Mossad Team Leader past nastification
Madame-O Chemical Weapons past nastification
Rancid IronKlad Destroyer alleyviperelite
Skull Buster Range Viper Commander past nastification
Son of Kwinn Mercenary / Tracker past nastification
Thunderwing Tank Commander past nastification
TNT Bomb Disposal Expert past nastification
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