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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Bushido Ninja Force Ian
Cobra Snow Trooper Infantry Trooper1418
Cold Front Avalanche Driver Ian
Coldsnap J.O.E. Team Artic Warfare Specialist narceron
Firefly Arctic Assault Sabotage CNK01
Frostbite Snow OX Driver g.i. joeian
Frostbite Arctic driver Kwinn_Lives
Frostbite ARAH Head on 25th Body zartanman
Frosty & The Snowman Arctic Medic Mainframe
Glacier EXCAL Arctic Combat drbindy
Ice Viper Cobra Polar Officer Kwinn_Lives
Knighthawk v04 Series 03 - Arctic Combat drbindy
Slither Cobra Polar Commander Kwinn_Lives
Snow Angel Arctic Rescue/Recon, Language MacGyver
Snow Comm Cobra Polar Electronics Trooper Kwinn_Lives
Snow Job Arctic Trooper jldubbya515
Snow Job Arctic Specialist Lance Sputnik
Snow Sentry Cobra Polar Marksman Kwinn_Lives
Snow Serpent Cobra Polar Assault kenjesu
Snow Serpent Cobra Polar Assault Trooper Kwinn_Lives
Snow Serpent leader Arctic soldier kramer 70
Snow Serpent scout Arctic environment kramer 70
Snow Tech Cobra Polar Mechanic Trooper Kwinn_Lives
Snow Troop 50th Anniversary Arctic Trooper OreoBuilder
Snowstorm Arctic Battle Corps Vanishing Point
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