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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Airwave Sonic Fighter Sonic Neutralization Expert Jogunwarrior
Cobra Commander Sonic Fighters Enemy Leader Jogunwarrior
Cobra De Aco Sonic Fighter Laser Weapons Commando Jogunwarrior
Cobra Sonic Fighter Viper Cobra Infantry Go Figure
Cobra Viper Sonic Fighters Cobra Infantry Robrauder
Cold Front Sonic Fighters Arctic Operations Jogunwarrior
Compass Wilderness Guide Vanishing Point
Dee-Jay Sonic Fighter Sonic Communications Specialist Jogunwarrior
Dodger Mega Marine Specialized Infantry Jogunwarrior
Firefly Sonic Fighter Weapons Platform Commander Jogunwarrior
Hawk Sonic Fighter Commander Jogunwarrior
Knockout Air Support Mainframe
Letal Special Missions (Lethal) Mainframe
Leviathan Sonic Lamprey Vanishing Point
Lt Gorky Oktober Guard Naval Infantry Vanishing Point
Major Altitude Sonic Fighter Desert Apache Pilot Jogunwarrior
Maverick Sonic Fighters Flight Specialist Jogunwarrior
Psyche-Out Super Sonic Deceptive Warfare Robrauder
Psyche-Out Deceptive Warfare Robrauder
Rock 'N Roll Sonic Heavy Machine Gunner Robrauder
SAW Viper Sonic Fighters Machine Gunner Jogunwarrior
Screamer Sonic Fighter Communications Warfare Expert Jogunwarrior
Sonic Viper Cobra Infantryman Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
Zap Rocket propelled ordinance infantry Vanishing Point
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