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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Aegis Zero Gravity Warfare Phobus
Astro Viper Cobranaut Ian
Astro Zombie Eating flesh in outer space the odinson
B.A.A.T. 2.1 Exo-Atmospheric Battle Android Tsunami
B.A.T. Reinforced Armor Battle Android Trooper Turbo_Magnus
BAAT Heavy Armor Battle Android Troopers Vanishing Point
Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Keenan
Captain Simian Primate Astronaut pluv
Cobra Moon Trooper ARAH Space Adventures drbindy
Countdown Astronaut Ian
Cross Country Space Mission alleyviperelite
Cyber-Viper Cobra Data Controller Vanishing Point
Dr. Mindbender Star Brigade kramer 70
Ellen Ripley Alien Hero kramer 70
Fatal Fluffy Battle Beast Dominators Vanishing Point
Glenda Star Brigade Test Pilot miragearmor
Hot Rod w/ P.A.T.R.I.C.K. Star Brigade - Pilot/Driver Mainframe
Hyperdrive Astronaut corpscommandercody
Jammer Moon Communications Technician pluv
Jinx Space Camp Robot pluv
Josephus Miller Expanse Investigator pluv
Kiwi Engineer (Space Force) past nastification
Lance Sputnik Shoot the Moon Lance Sputnik
Martian Manhunter Angsty Superhero in Space Armor ben1138
Mega-Viper Battle Beast Handler Vanishing Point
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