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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Agent Faces Undercover Spy pluv
Agent Faces Venom vs. Valor Infiltrator chad_ghost
Agent Faces Spy OreoBuilder
Barrel Roll High Altitude Marksman OreoBuilder
Barrel Roll Battle Ranger Sniper Jogunwarrior
Barrel Roll High-Altitude Sniper Die Hunn
Big Brawler Neo Viper Spy Troop ibps
Black Out Cobra Sniper Tunnel Rat
Black Out Sniper Pyre
Blackout Sniper OreoBuilder
Blackout Sniper HypnoHustler
Cross Hair Infiltrator/Sniper Pyre
Cross Hair Sniper / Infiltrator Die Hunn
Depth Charge Underwater Demolitions Pyre
Destro Crime Boss Lance Sputnik
Detroit Mechanic Electric_Knight
Duke Infiltration of Cobra Island Matthew
Firefly Saboteur monkeyboy
Grunt C.L.A.W. SpyTroop ibps
Grunt Spytroop Gear CDR
Grunt Under Cover Inflitration Agent Zerro
Gung-Ho Spy Troop Infiltrator ibps
Gung-Ho Infiltration of Cobra Island Matthew
Heavy Duty Valor vs Venom Heavy Ordnance Trooper OreoBuilder
Heavy Duty Spy Troops Heavy Ordnance Trooper OreoBuilder
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