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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Admiral Ledger Star Brigade Battleship Commander Robrauder
Armor-Tech Big Bear Oktober Guard Armor-Tech Specialist GITrekker
B.A.A.T. Star Brigade Battle Armored Andriod Trooper Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
B.A.A.T. 2.1 Exo-Atmospheric Battle Android Tsunami
B.A.T. Reinforced Armor Battle Android Trooper Turbo_Magnus
BAAT Heavy Armor Battle Android Troopers Vanishing Point
Blackstar Elite Space Pilot Fozzie
Captain Simian Primate Astronaut pluv
Chromedome Star Squad Leader Kwinn_Lives
Cobra Blackstar Space Pilot Robrauder
Cobra Blackstarr Elite Space Pilot and tactical assault Vanishing Point
Cobra Commander Armor-Tech GITrekker
Countdown Combat Astronaut Robrauder
Countdown Astronaut/Pilot pluv
Doctor Mindbender Star Brigade Lance Sputnik
Dr. Mindbender Star Brigade kramer 70
Duke First Sergeant Star Fighter Robrauder
Duke Replicator Jogunwarrior
Effects Explosives Expert Fozzie
Efffects Star Brigade Explosives Expert Robrauder
Gears Invention Technician Fozzie
Glenda Star Brigade Test Pilot miragearmor
Gung-Ho Replicator Jogunwarrior
Hawk Replicator Jogunwarrior
Hot Rod w/ P.A.T.R.I.C.K. Star Brigade - Pilot/Driver Mainframe
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