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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
5 of 14 Borg Drone CDR
Asazi Assassin (Council of Doom) past nastification
Borg Drone mshadow
Captain James T. Kirk Captain of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 pluv
Captain James T. Kirk Warship Enterprise Captain drbindy
Captain Riker Commander USS Zheng He pluv
Commander John Harrison Top Starfleet Agent pluv
Diana Visitor Security Commander fschalk
Doc Terror Stark Industries Scientist past nastification
John Supreme Commander: Visitor Forces from "V" fschalk
Julio Lopez Research & Development past nastification
Kambei of the House of Tazman Warrior, Poet, Drunk, Womaniser Kambei
Keenser Starfleet Engineer The Spectre
Matt Trakker Research & Development Team Leader past nastification
Max Ray Centurion (Sea Operations Expert) past nastification
Mr. Spock Commander Robulus
Picard and Elnor Space Travellers pluv
Professor Gangrene Mad Scientist (Council of Doom) past nastification
Sabre Tooth Demolitions past nastification
Selina Forced Labor / Resistance Fighter past nastification
Steeler Tank Commander (Star & Stripes Forever) past nastification
Vypra Courier past nastification
Wolf The Bad Guys' Martial Artist / Leader past nastification
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