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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Arena Wrangler Events Coordinator for the Arena of Sport past nastification
Baroness Intelligence Officer, Early Marvel / Sunbow past nastification
Blind Mountain Man Survivalist Desert Cat
Blind Woodsman Curing Radiation Poisoning past nastification
Breaker Communications (Sunbow style) MacGyver
Breaker Communications Trooper Jogunwarrior
Cobra Commander Commander-in-Chief (in reptile man form) past nastification
Cobra Commander Undone Vanishing Point
Cobra Officer Sunbow Cartoon Cobra Infantry Officer jldubbya515
Cover Girl Wolverine Driver past nastification
Dr. Vandermeer Molecular Scientist past nastification
GI Joe Trooper Sunbow GI Joe Green Shirt OreoBuilder
Hector Ramirez Investigative Journalist past nastification
Jungle Greenshirt Infantry OreoBuilder
Koko Imperfect Vanishing Point
Lt Clay Moore Skull Raider Driver OreoBuilder
Lt Clay Moore Cobra Officer OreoBuilder
Mahea Animal Researcher past nastification
Mainframe Computer Specialist past nastification
Mainframe Computer Specialist Jogunwarrior
McCann Commandant of Officer Academy past nastification
Premier Ivan Valenkof Commander-in-Chief, Soviet Army past nastification
Ramar Captive Gladiator past nastification
Satin Singer - Pyramid of Darkness Ian
Scarlett Counter Intelligence, Divesuit version turner
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