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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Copperhead Airboat Operator Kwinn_Lives
Copperhead Night Attack Swamp Fighter Ross SC
Copperhead Python Patrol Swamp Fighter Kwinn_Lives
Croc Master Cobra Island Security Apocalyptic Labyrinth
Croc Master Cobra Reptile Trainer Xenomorph237
Everglade Everglades swamp fighter theunknown
Moss Man Masters of the Universe kramer 70
Muskrat Swamp Trooper snowman_ejc
Muskrat Swamp Specialist Pugsley
Muskrat Specialist Squad Jungle Fighter jak1996
Muskrat Swamp Fighter DavAnthony
Muskrat Swamp Fighter Ian
Muskrat Swamp Fighter Vanishing Point
Rat Bite Swamp Rat Commander past nastification
Skidmark VAMP Gunner Garrey
Zachary Artan Swamp Junk Dealer pluv
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