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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Agent Henchman 21 Recruit Leader pluv
Aguila Roja Ninja CNK01
Alien Visitor Generic Alien from the V series ME bcost74
Aligator Loki Variant sgcaper
April O'Neil Chanel 6 Reporter OreoBuilder
Archer ISIS agent Rosey Joe
Arya Stark Game of Thrones assasin pluv
Automan Holographic Crime Fighter Robrauder
Bebop Bully Rambo
Boushh Breen Bounty Hunter ronin
Bravestarr Sheriff icecreamman
Brock Sampson OSI Agent sgcaper
Brock Samson Body Guard/Secret Agent pluv
Buddy Hawks MASK Master of Disguise and Intelligence sgcaper
Captain Riker Commander USS Zheng He pluv
Colonel Hunter Gathers SPHINX leader pluv
Daerneys Targaryen Exiled Dragonlord pluv
Dalek Imperial variant The Spectre
Dalek Blue/Black Cushing Movie Variant The Spectre
Dalek Genesis Of The Daleks variant The Spectre
Dalek Blue/Gold Cushing Movie Variant The Spectre
Deputy Cartman South Park Police Officer pluv
Dr Manhattan Superior Being sgcaper
Dr. Benton Quest EXCAL Scientist, Researcher and Adventurer drbindy
Dusty Hayes Gator Driver sgcaper
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