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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Back Up Renegades Special Forces Kwinn_Lives
Boffin Scientist, Special Weapons Team past nastification
Budo Samurai Soldier (Ninja Force Version) Kwinn_Lives
Chef Cook and Nutrition Specialist toy-nutz
Chicago Al "A Nostalgic Type" past nastification
Dr. Mindbender 95 Unproduced Battle Ranger pluv
Fixer Science Officer (Special Weapons Force) past nastification
Gung-Ho Replicator Jogunwarrior
Hawk Replicator Jogunwarrior
Janky Ninja past nastification
Kelly & King Dog Handler & Canine past nastification
Mobster Criminal past nastification
Pancho Counter Insurgency Expert past nastification
Rip Cord Tiger Force HALO Jumper Kwinn_Lives
Sabre Tooth Tiger Force Demolitions Kwinn_Lives
Sand Mann Ninja past nastification
Santini Infiltration Expert past nastification
Shipwreck Battle Rangers pluv
Son of Kwinn Mercenary / Tracker past nastification
Sure Shot Rapid Assault Specialist Jogunwarrior
Tygre Expert Knife Fighter past nastification
Wings Pilot/HALO Jumper past nastification
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