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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Back Up Renegades Special Forces Kwinn_Lives
Boffin Scientist, Special Weapons Team past nastification
Budo Samurai Soldier (Ninja Force Version) Kwinn_Lives
Chef Cook and Nutrition Specialist toy-nutz
Chicago Al "A Nostalgic Type" past nastification
Cobra Commander Enemy Replicator Robrauder
Cobra Commander Commander-in-Chief (in flight suit) past nastification
Cool Breeze Reconnaissance Robrauder
Dr. Mindbender 95 Unproduced Battle Ranger pluv
Fixer Science Officer (Special Weapons Force) past nastification
Flint Ninja Commando Robrauder
Gung-Ho Replicator Jogunwarrior
Hawk Replicator Jogunwarrior
Hurricane Eagle Force Assault Trooper past nastification
Janky Ninja past nastification
Kelly & King Dog Handler & Canine past nastification
Knockdown Ninja Commando Robrauder
Lightning Special Weapons Force (Gunner) past nastification
Mobster Criminal past nastification
Pancho Counter Insurgency Expert past nastification
Rebel Eagle Force Heavy Machine Gunner past nastification
Rip Cord Tiger Force HALO Jumper Kwinn_Lives
Rocky Balboa Personal Combat Instructor Robrauder
Sabre Tooth Tiger Force Demolitions Kwinn_Lives
Sand Mann Ninja past nastification
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