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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Abyss-Viper Underwater Demolitions Mainframe
Aegis-Viper Assault Engineer Reconnaissance starviper
Aero-Viper High-Altitude Pilot Kwinn_Lives
Air Viper Cobra Fighter Pilot Kwinn_Lives
Alley Viper Retaliation Urban Assault Trooper Robrauder
Alley Viper Urban Assult Trooper russdawg
Alley Viper Urban Assault Trooper Robrauder
Alto-Viper Jet Pack Troopers harlie
Arc Viper Battlefield Welding Specialist Phobus
Armatus Viper Sergeant, Paladin of Cobra starviper
Artillery Vipers Viper Artillerymen tristanx
ASPECT-Viper Forward Air Controller starviper
Astro Viper Cobranaut Robrauder
Battle Armor Viper v2 Heavy artillery David Jake
Bear Viper Monster of the Midway Viper David Jake
Beer Viper Cobra Redneck The pros from Dover
Black Mamba Viper Ranger starviper
Black Mamba Night Ops Range Viper The pros from Dover
Black Ops Viper Special Mission Forces StevieSNLD
BOLT-Vipers Cobra Link-Up Operations starviper
Brainium Psychological Warefare customgijoes
Brewer Viper Wisconsin division Wallbanger co. David Jake
Brigadier Tiberius Commander, 1st Viper Brigade starviper
Brigadier Venatic Viper Air Assault Brigade Commander starviper
Brigadier Volker Commander, 6th DEMONS Brigade starviper
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