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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Abandoned Apartment Building Urban Hideout Jimbotron
Alligator Clutch Croc Master's Gator Clutch sgcaper
ARBCO Warehouse Evil Hideout of Cobra-The Enemy! Macrossmaster
Arboc Corp. Headquarters It will make a snake feel at home. Malahmen
Arctic Assault Cobra Arctic Fort Iron Will
Artemis Cannon Moon Based Super Weapon Dusty79
Barrel Crime Scene Evidence Lance Sputnik
Beach Blanket KaBlammo 2014 JoeCustoms Convention Table Display joemichaels70
Brainwave Scanner Torture, Brainwashing and data collector Vanishing Point
Cobra 51 Top Secret eesa
Cobra Air Defense Cannon Test Facility Test Site ibps
Cobra Auto Repair Shop Auto Customizing War282008
Cobra Bunker All Factions thewyseone
Cobra Bunker Cobra Defensive Position sgcaper
Cobra Bunker v2 Defense of Cobra Island Sataninjaku
COBRA Cantina A Wretched Hive of Terrorism and Villainy... KrymsynGard666
Cobra Comm Relay Cobra Communications Hub OreoBuilder
Cobra Command Compound From the upcoming Darkness Falls Dio-Story General Hawk
Cobra Command Post Battlefield Command Outpost OreoBuilder
Cobra Commander Bust Cape rack/Secret escape pluv
COBRA COMMANDER Vanity Statue Tribute to COBRA Leader in Marble DanOfTheDead
Cobra Communication Center Cobra's Heart of Information Soundwave Viper
Cobra Conference Room Planning Area of Cobra High Command Midgarn
Cobra Conference Room Cobra Fortress russdawg
Cobra Desert Palace HQ for Cobra 80s Child
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