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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Abandoned Rolling Thunder Cobra Island Vehicle Diorama Short Bus Kustoms
Action Soldier Airborne Combat Machine Gunner Elite Infantry Machine Gun Nest Major Creator
Advance Recon Camp Recon Camp on Cobra Island ToneGuns
Adventure Team Headquarters 50th Anniversary AT Headquarters OreoBuilder
Adventure Team Training Center 50th Anniversary AT Training Center OreoBuilder
Airplane Interior Soundstage for C-130 or Tomahawk Midgarn
Alpha Complex A base of operations at Checkpoint Alpha. Shipwrecked85
Ambush on Snake Eyes' Cabin Scene from Marvel issue# 31 eesa
Anti-Aircraft Battery Fixed Anti-Aircraft Emplacement OreoBuilder
ARAH GI Joe & Cobra Treasury Display Combination 1982 & 1983 Figures joemichaels70
Arashikage dojo Gijoe retaliation Custom catastrophes
Arashikage Dojo Diorama's RichardCW
Arashikage Photo Studio Indoor Photo Studio The pros from Dover
Barbed Wire Defense Protecting Stuff With Pointy Stuff sgcaper
Battle Position dirt wall deadfish
Battle Station Headquarters gun positions Dr Joe
Bivouac Forward Operations Command Center Stormavik
Bomb Site Place of ruin. stormtrooper12
Checkpoint Delta G.I. Joe checkpoint Splintershins
Command and Control Center Command Center for Modern 25th-POC G.I. Joes samsallspark
Control Room Tracking Team Movements Sgt.Rican
Control Room Communication and control equipment ToneGuns
Cooking with Kung-Fu Grip Roadblock's cooking show Dayspring
Crusader Shuttle Launch Complex Gi Joe Star Brigade Short Bus Kustoms
Custom Gi Joe Lighted Display Case Custom built display with LED lights drgeary77
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