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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Adventure Team Headquarters 50th Anniversary AT Headquarters OreoBuilder
Adventure Team Training Center 50th Anniversary AT Training Center OreoBuilder
Alligator Clutch Croc Master's Gator Clutch sgcaper
Barbed Wire Defense Protecting Stuff With Pointy Stuff sgcaper
Beach Blanket KaBlammo 2014 JoeCustoms Convention Table Display joemichaels70
Cobra Bunker Cobra Defensive Position sgcaper
Cobra Command Post Battlefield Command Outpost OreoBuilder
Cobra Strategy Room Tactical and Strategic Planning Area OreoBuilder
Deadpool's Armory Rack Storing things that go "Boom." sgcaper
Desert Patrol Adventure 50th Anniversary Desert Patrol Adventure OreoBuilder
Django Fett Carded Display Tutorial joemichaels70
M202A1 Ambush Campsite FLame Assault SHoulder Weapon sgcaper
Missile Command Headquarter PHASE I Top Secret Missile Silo DanOfTheDead
Outpost Remote Defensive Location sgcaper
Rock Outcropping Being rocky sgcaper
Temple Entrance Gates to the Arashikage sgcaper
The Black Forest Magical and/or Spooky joemichaels70
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