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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Adventure Team Naval HQ Adventure Team Headquarters OreoBuilder
AIM Lab - SHIELD Assemble! SHIELD Shoebox Diorama joemichaels70
Alpha Complex A base of operations at Checkpoint Alpha. Shipwrecked85
ARBCO Warehouse Evil Hideout of Cobra-The Enemy! Macrossmaster
Cobra Desert Palace HQ for Cobra 80s Child
Cobra Headquarters Base for all Evil BaronTexas12
Cobra Transportable Tactical Battle Platform Defense and Support Desert Cat
Command and Control Center Command Center for Modern 25th-POC G.I. Joes samsallspark
Dreadnok Swamp Hideout Home Sweet Home gunzlingr
Extensive Enterprises Holding Company Iron Will
Floating Command Center Mobile Base of Operations for SEAL Team Six The pros from Dover
Fort Pimentel Custom Base my nephew & I built Joe Delta
Fortress of Shadows Red Shadows Headquarters bpackwood
G.I.Joe HeadQuarters Medical facility hawkeyehicks
GI Joe Base of Operations Headquarters Playset gunzlingr
GI Joe HQ Joes' Afghan Mountain Base Custom catastrophes
Hawk's Office Staff Meeting Cobra Island Invasion hawkeyehicks
Headquarters GI Joe main base canesfan0425
Joe HQ Headquarters canesfan0425
Joe HQ Command center Badvibes258
P.I.T.T. Part 1 Armory/Gun Range Thal J.
Python Patrol Headquarters Python Patrol Base Python Viper
Python Patrol Terrodrome V1.5 Python Patrol Base of Operations Python Viper
Spark Distribution Center (Broca Beach) Run down building to sell Spark/ hideout Figureware
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