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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Sand Wolf Cobra Desert Attack Vehicle OreoBuilder
SCRAMjet Pack High Altitude Battle Jetpack OreoBuilder
Sea Ray Underwater Attack Craft OreoBuilder
Sea Sled Cobra Rapid Assault Watercraft OreoBuilder
Seawing Infiltration Craft OreoBuilder
Shadow Moccasin Cobra Night Assault Craft OreoBuilder
Shadow Wing Shadow Brigade Interceptor OreoBuilder
Skull Crusher Heavy Armor OreoBuilder
Skull Raider Fast Attack Vehicle OreoBuilder
Slugger Mobile Artillary - Version II Dusty79
Sparrowhawk Light Attack Helicopter OreoBuilder
Splitjaw Recon Bike Fast Recon Vehicle OreoBuilder
Starfox Helicopter SWARM Hunters Close Air Support Aircraft OreoBuilder
Street Fox Urban Recon OreoBuilder
Swampmasher Swamp Vehicle Dusty79
SWARM Command Mech SWARM Control Hub OreoBuilder
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