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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
S.A.N.D. HISS Supplemental Armor for Navigation in Desert GI JONNY
Sandstorm XM48A1 MBT (Main Battle Tank) tristanx
Sandtread Fast Attack Tank ebolt1
Sardaukar Blade Multi purpose attack and support vehicle blue laser
SAW HISS S.A.W. Viper Transport Convoy
Scorpion Articulated Heavy Artillery Fast Attack Tank GI JONNY
Seige H.I.S.S. Long Range Heavy Artillery DREMEL
Septic Tank Cobra Eco Warriors Tank Whargoul44
Shadowblitz Missile Tank Midgarn
Shredder Tank OreoBuilder
Sidewinder Heavy Artillery / Support HelaViper
Skull Crusher Heavy Armor OreoBuilder
Sky Grizzly Sky Patrol Patriot Grizzly alleyviperelite
Skysweeper Repaint Outrider
Slaughters Marauders M1 Abrams Assault Squad Command Vehicle NIKOLAI
Snow Cat II Arctic Half Track DREMEL
Snow Fox Arctic tank ramonesbootlegs
Snow OX Arctic weather anti-aircraft battery and SAR g.i. joeian
SPA3S110G Hocopor (Rhinoceros) UPDATE Self-Propelled Artillery tristanx
SPA3S11OG Hocopor (Rhinoceros) Self-Propelled Artillery tristanx
Steel Brigade LAV (Light Armor Vehicle) Light armor support for the Steel Brigade Davestro
Stingbat Armored Tank vintagetoystuff
Super Hiss 2 Modified Hiss 2 SGTDAVE
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