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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Air Skimmer Baron Ironblood's personal hovercraft Midgarn
B.A.A.L. Beta-particle Accelerated Artillery Laser LIVEVIL
E.S.C.A.P.E. Armour Brainwave Machine & Killer Robot joemichaels70
Escape Armour Mechanized Battle Suit Morgardee
Hyena Red Shadows Sentry Tank OreoBuilder
Iron Shadow Red Shadows Escape Armour Dark Horse
Iron Skull Space/ air superiority fighter Dark Horse
Laser Exterminator Portable Battle Laser bpackwood
Red Shadow Glider ATTACK GLIDER J_Man
Red Shadows Escape Armour 2.0 Red Laser's robotic suit Joeczar
Red Shadows Flight Pod Aerial Single-manned Attack Vehicle UncleHappy
Red Terror Nuclear powered tripod Dark Horse
Ronin's Quad Getting out of Dodge sgcaper
Shadow Blade Ramjet DREMEL
Shadow cycle Ramjet DREMEL
Shadow Mantis Anti-Aircraft System OreoBuilder
Shadow Skull Fighter Aerospace Fighter bpackwood
Shadow Stryke Fast Strike Field Jeep bpackwood
Shadow Wing Ramjet DREMEL
Shadowblitz Missile Tank Midgarn
Shadowtrak Attack Vehicle mshadow
Shadowtrak ATV/ Mobile Gun Platform DREMEL
Shadowtrak Red Shadows Attack Vehicle LIVEVIL
Shadowtrak Mk 2 Modular Fast-Attack 4WD Vehicle Midgarn
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