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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
H-01 Prometheus transport ebolt1
H.A.I.S.V. aka "The Apocolypse" Heavy Assault Infantry Support Vehicle Otto the Otter
H.A.L.A.A.S. Heavy Artillery Laser Air Assult System Sharkbait
H.A.P.C Armored Transport and Assualt Zephyr1999
H.A.T. Headhunters Armored Truck transport kramer 70
H.A.T.E. U. H.A.T.E. Upgrade Morgardee
H.A.V. Heavily Armored Vehicle WoLF
H.I.S.S Tank High Speed Sentry Tank zorpoxthedestroyer
H.I.S.S. - Modified Cobra's New HISS Modifed For Special Attacks J_Man
H.I.S.S. Mark 5 Long Range Artillery H.I.S.S. carnage717
H.I.S.S. Mark V Strategic Long Range Artillery Tank carnage717
H.I.S.S. Tank Winter H.I.S.S. Tank g.i. joeian
H.I.S.S. X-TYPE The Evolution of the HISS fireflyed
H.I.S.S.A. Cobra High-Speed Sentry - Armoured Kwinn_Lives
H.P.C. Hammer Personnel Carrier nova
Hailstorm Cold Weather Assault Mech indrox1
Hailstorm Cold Weather Mobile Artillery Ol man
Hailstorm Arctic Assault Vehicle icecreamman
Half Track Suburban Assault Vehicle nova
Half-Sized General MCC vehicles arthurdent
Halo 3 M12 Warthog LRV USMC Attack Vehicle carnage717
Hammer MK II Fast Strike Vehicle DavAnthony
Hammerhead SHARC Sea and Air Assault Vehicle icecreamman
Hammerhead Submarine Underwater Exploration and Support sgcaper
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