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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
The Big Punch Mobile Missile Machine THE Mike
The Big Red Beast Scorpio's personal van bcost74
The Collosus Trojan Robot Vanishing Point
The Crest Team Fluorider Fast Attack Bike Joeczar
The Crimson Prowler Crimson Guard Pursuit Jeep Captain Tazer
The Crusher Dreadnok Bigfoot DREMEL
The Devil Ray Operation M.O.T.H. Davisgrayson
The Dragon Wagon Fantasy Adventuring drbindy
The Dreadnoks Bounty Pirate boat opiewan1
The Interceptor (AX-34) Air Support Ice008
The Jesus Lizard All purpose utility vehicle danielb
The Misery Machine Misery Inc., Monster Hunter joemichaels70
The Planetary Express Interstellar Delivery and Adventuring joemichaels70
The Ricochet StarBrigade Davisgrayson
The Shocker Dune Buggy Squashing bugs pluv
The Troublemaker Assault Vehicle icecreamman
The Wraith turbo vengeance 2DARK2C
Thund-R 4x4 Dreadnok 4x4 DREMEL
Thunder Machine M.A.R.S. Industries Concept Vehicle Dusty79
Thunder Machine Modernized jet powered armoured vehicle Blood Brigade
Thunder Machine Mad Max style Viperoner
Thunder Machine Dreadnok Firepower Maximus
Thunder Machine Urban Assult Vehicle Figureware
Thunder Machine 2.0 Destruction,carnage,and road rage Zombiejoe68
Thunder Machine v.2 Dreadnok Assualt tank Andrew Pinpoint
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